Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How Ariel and I are Alike

Earlier tonight I was feeling nostalgic and--at my friend Sarah's very wise suggestion--decided to watch my childhood favorite Disney movie, the Little Mermaid. Being the analytical and comparative thinker that I am, I decided to start listing differing ways that Ariel and I are, in fact, alike. This is what I eventually came up with....a list of 35 ways that I am like Ariel! 

I do hope you enjoy it! 


I like to make new discoveries and I'm easily interested.

I'm usually way more intrigued by something than my friends.

Like I said, easily interested. 

I tend to be forgetful. 

I use my cuteness to my advantage when arguing with people. 

When cuteness doesn't work? Sass. So much sass.

Look at all the bothers I give.
"But who cares? No big deal."

I enjoy tanning and being all "warm on the sand."

More sass.

I love books. 

I love the arts.

I'm very dramatic. 

I'm a dreamer.

My fancy is immediately caught by attractive men.

Ariel may have invented this gaze, but I perfected it.

I like to stare at people when they're unconscious. 

I like to pretend I'm this pretty when I sing.

I don't take people's shenanigans. 

Sometimes I just really need a good cry.

I don't always enjoy meeting new people...or eels.

This is just uncanny.

I get this excited when a cute boy is friendly with me.

I like bubbles. 

I adore balconies. 

I don't like puppets.

I'm not exactly the world's greatest driver.

I get embarrassed. 

I fiddle with my hair all the time. 

I often play clueless.

I get annoyed with guys when they don't show their real feelings.

I look about this awkward when I try to flirt. 

I like to admire people from afar. 

I look pretty dazzling in a blue dress.

I love my daddy. 
(Well, and my mom, too!)

I like to blow kisses teehee xoxo


So there you have it! 35 ways that I am like Ariel! What do you have in common with this little mermaid? Let me know in the comments! 

I love you all. Thanks for reading. 

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